7 - 10 April 2020

Pobediteley Ave., 20/2, 
Minsk, Belarus

Welding and Cutting

20th international specialised exhibition


7 - 10 April 2020

Place and venue: Belarus, Minsk, Pobeditelej Ave., 20/2

Organizer: JSC "MinskExpo"


  • State Scientific and Production Powder Metallurgy   Association;
  • Separate self-financing Unity “ Institute of Welding and Protective Coatings”;
  • National Academy of Sciences of Belarus.

Exhibition Themes:

  • Materials for welding, surfacing and brazing/soldering;
  • Equipment and technologies of welding, cutting, surfacing, blazing/soldering and thermal treatment;
  • Power sources and welding equipment control systems;
  • Equipment for orbital welding and pipes treatment;
  • Electron-beam, laser, plasma welding and cutting;
  • Automated complex systems and aggregates for welding and cutting;
  • Automation of welding industrial and engineering processes, software
  • Devices for nondestructive control of welded joints;
  • Scientific provision and dataware for welding;
  • Training, retraining and attestation programs for welders;
  • Protection of labour and environmental safety in welding engineering
  • Welding equipment certification;
  • Energy-and resource-saving technologies.

Please Notice!

The exhibition will be carried out together with the international exhibitions ”Metallworking”,  ”Powder Metallurgy” and  ”Corrosion Protection. Coatings”.

All the necessary information for registration can be sent to your address if contact us by:

phone: +375-17 – 226 98 58, 226 90 83
fax: +375-17 – 226 98 58, 226 99 36

e-mail: e_fedorova@minskexpo.com, darya@minskexpo.com

Project Manager:  Elena FEDOROVA